At Logo Media, our projects consist of comprehensive website redesigns for clients, enhancing the user experience, optimizing product pages, and integrating secure payment gateways & third party applications, resulting in a significant increase in online sales and customer satisfaction.

Headless Migration
API and App Integrations
Conversion Rate Optimization

Featured Project

Chubbies logo


The continuous improvement and enhancement of Chubbies website through ongoing maintenance and optimization tasks. Additionally, the project includes the migration of the website to a headless architecture to enhance flexibility and performance.

Our Recent Projects

Landing Page
Content Management
Custom Feature Development
Alo Yoga  logo

Alo Yoga

Build landing pages for the Aspen Collection Shop as well as an updated version of The Alo Gift Shop using Builder.io. The pages were also built to easily manage content.

Custom Subscription Portal
Website Maintenance
Custom Feature Implementation
Kudos logo


Providing ongoing maintenance and support of the kudos website. Also build out new features and functionality while working alongside their marketing team.

Custom Bundle Builder
Website Maintenance
Subscription Management
Tea Drops logo

Tea Drops

Provide maintenance and support for bugs and issues on the Tea Drops website. Rebuild custom box builder to resolve bugs and implement custom portal for subscription management of custom bundles.

Custom Landing Pages
Content Updates
Bug fixing and Troubleshooting
Judy logo


Providing support for landing page builds using Builder.io., bug fixing and troubleshooting for reported issues, and content updates and small feature implementations.

Custom Theme Development
Speed and Performance Optimization
Custom Feature Development
Gladskin  logo


The continuous improvement and enhancement of the Gladskin website through ongoing maintenance and optimization tasks. Also migrated their theme to Shopify 2.0 architecture and meta fields.

Custom Feature Implementations
Navigation Updates
Krave Beauty logo

Krave Beauty

We worked with Krave Beauty on some Theme Customizations to their website as they launched a new Bundled Product. We implemented some updates to their mega menu navigation to give more flexibility to add more links and products as their company grows. We also added a rotating announcement bar with the ability to customize different parts such as the background and text color. Another part of our work with them was creating a new product template that would be used for their new bundles they were launching. It uses custom fields so its quick and easy to change content depending on the bundle they have set up.

Theme Customizations
Gift Card Feature
Customized Product PDP
Sock Fancy logo

Sock Fancy

We started working with Sock Fancy for small tweaks to their website such as implementing swatches on collection pages, showing or hiding them based on the product, bug fixes on their subscription quiz. Since we have completed some larger projects such as a custom product page where you can upload an image to design your own socks, and implementing a gift card app to send the gift card to a recipient.

Website Maintenace
A/B Testing
Custom Feature Implementation
Boll and Branch logo

Boll and Branch

Provide ongoing site maintenance for the Boll and Branch Shopify theme. Setup and deploy A/B Tests using Dynamic Yield.