Judy is a collection of emergency kits and supplies with everything needed to prepare for natural disasters and home emergencies. Every ready-kit essential is hand-picked by preparedness specialist like Kathryn Martorana.


Custom Landing Pages

Content Updates

Bug fixing and Troubleshooting

Custom Feature Implementations


21 Feb 2022

Project Brief

Providing support for landing page builds using, bug fixing and troubleshooting for reported issues, and content updates and small feature implementations.

Project Scope

  • Build out seasonal landing pages for emergency events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, etc
  • Created a sticky button and pop up for Oprah sale event.
  • Provided content updates as needed to refresh website.
  • Created Shopify scripts to help enhance and protect discounting for customers.
  • Provide support for any reported issues or bugs on site.


Successful advertising campaigns for specific emergency events audiences with an increase in sales of over 120%.

Improved user experience and reduction of friction caused from bugs.

Improved visibility and increase of sales for Oprah holiday sales event.